30 Get Fit Tips

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Maintain a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

by Amanda Altman

  1. Be completely honest with yourself when keeping a food journal or exercise log.
  2. Pack goji berries for a snack boost that won’t spike blood sugar.
  3. Sneak in “bonus” exercise sessions. Do squats and bicep-curl cans of soup when waiting for water to boil. Do five push-ups during TV commercials. At your desk, do Oblique Twists in your chair.
  4. Make your own electrolyte water by adding 4 teaspoons of sugar and 1/3 teaspoon of salt to each liter of water. (Yep, that’s all it is!)
  5. Beat exercise ennui by doing three, 20-minute segments on different cardio machines instead of 60 minutes on just one. In between, lift a few sets.
  6. Remind yourself that exercise like biking, hiking and walking aren’t just means to an end. Immerse all your senses in the beauty of nature.
  7. Remember that a healthy body is more than skin-deep. Thin isn’t fit. You can be fit and carry a few extra pounds.
  8. Avoid H20 boredom by adding raspberry-tea drops to sparkling water or cucumber slices to still water.
  9. Carry a water bottle with you at all times, remembering to drink even before you feel thirsty.
  10. Fidget! Chew sugarless gum, tap your foot or squeeze a stress ball while reading to burn calories.
  11. Sit down to meals without your laptop, TV or newspaper. You’ll pay more attention to how much you’re eating (and how delicious your food tastes).
  12. Add a packet of Emergen-C to your water bottle for a tasty serving of vitamins B and C.
  13. Keep an extra workout outfit in your car or office so you’ll have everything for an impromptu session.
  14. Sleep! Aim for eight hours a night. You’ll think more clearly and work out harder—plus, it’ll be easier to lose weight!
  15. Dial back the drinking. Alcohol is a six-pack killer: Its sugar is stored in the body as fat.
  16. Limit intake of caffeinated drinks to one a day to avoid dehydration.
  17. Remember the RICE rule for injuries: rest, ice, compress, elevate.
  18. Eat whole, nutritious meals every day. Stuff yourself with junk and you’ll have junk in the trunk.
  19. Find classes conveniently located near your home or office where you can build relationships and stay motivated. Camaraderie is key in a class setting.
  20. Prevent muscle soreness with 10 minutes of postworkout stretching, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds.
  21. Reprogram how you think about exercise. Eliminate the word work; tell yourself that you’re doing something very good for yourself.
  22. Soak up 20 minutes of sunlight and fresh air every day to take in essential Vitamin D and improve your mood.
  23. Never skip breakfast! It’s the meal that breaks the overnight fast and awakens your metabolism for the day.
  24. Burn fat and condition your heart and lungs with interval training (elevating your heart rate for short bursts of time). Try walking up a hill quickly and then strolling down.
  25. Take out a nutritional “insurance policy” by taking a good daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Can’t bear the thought of swallowing any more pills? Ask your natural-foods vitamin-counter folks to recommend a good liquid version.
  26. Take computer breaks every hour: roll your shoulders up, back and down, and bend your fingers back from the tips and forward from the knuckles to reduce repetitive stress injuries.
  27. Rely on these easy, healthy cooking methods: baking, steaming, blanching, stir-frying, sauteing and poaching.
  28. Go a little nuts. For breakfast, sprinkle almond slices on yogurt and sweeten it with agave syrup. Sprinkle pine nuts over asparagus or add ground flaxseeds to pretty much everything.
  29. Talk to yourself like you’re your own best friend. Do you really want that bag of chips or third slice of pizza? Take as good care of you, as you do everyone else.
  30. Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love. Have a treat every other day and train yourself to savor every bite.

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